DIY Party Diva: Rapunzel Slumber Party {Favors}

Rapunzel Slumber Party
Theme: Disney's Tangled; Guest list: Girls, ages 2-8

Rosebud Hairbands

What you'll need: Green felt, pink or red or other flower-color felt, cloth ribbons, hairbands, hot glue gun and sticks

What to do: Cut a sort of very pointy heart shape to resemble two leaves, one shape per hairband.  (I free-handed it.)  Then cut two long, thin strips of your flower-color felt.  Gluing as you go, roll these up to resemble roses.  Then glue them side by side onto a leaf shape.

Cut two equal lengths of the same ribbon and fold the ends close to each other around a hairband, gluing in place.  Then glue the back of the leaf shape on the hairband and ribbons, where the ribbons are attached to the hairband.

Pascal Party Blowers

What you'll need: Pascal party blower template; green foam for normal face, red for angry, and blue for sad; White and yellow foam for eyes; Sharpie; hot glue gun and sticks; and pink party blowers (I bought Barbie ones and pulled the paper circles off the blowers)

hat to do: Print and cut out the template.   Trace and cut the foam pieces, multiplying each piece's instructions by the number of guests.  Make sure to use your first head piece instead of the template when making the second piece; that way they'll match up when put against each other.  For the red and blue Pascal blowers, Trace an extra eye using the same color as the head, then cut in half - voila!  Eyelids!

Hot glue the irises of the eyes to the whites, then glue the eyes to the heads.  Draw a pupil, smiles or frowns, and eyebrows with the Sharpie.  Then lay one head piece face-down and glue the blower with the tube on the foam, pointing the same direction as the point of Pascal's face (like a sort of arrow).  Align the other head piece face-up and glue in place.

I also bought Tangled party bags and, since I actually went to Disney while planning this party, grabbed some coloring and activity sheets from the park.

Tune in next week for more party photos and the wrap-up!


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