Thursday, May 23, 2013

...And the Mountain Top

After reading Tuesday's post, you, my lovely readers, might be wondering... what's the point of chasing our dreams if we just end up discouraged, defeated, or in my case, overwhelmed?

That's where examples of others' success comes in handy.  When we feel like we just can't do this, we look up to those who already did.

I'd share the stories of these people, but there's so many of them, I decided to just give you the names and a short tidbit.  If you want to see the specific stories, just do an internet search or find a book about them at the library.  You're sure to be inspired!

People who never quit their dreams - and reached them!

  • Abraham Lincoln: Failed as a businessmen, a lawyer, and six times in politics; sixteenth President of USA.
  • Winston Churchill: Failed sixth grade and several elections; became Prime Minister of England.
  • Thomas Edison: Failed in school, fired twice, and failed 1,000 times in his quest for the light bulb; did eventually invent the light bulb, among other things.
  • Albert Einstein: Couldn't speak until four years old, couldn't read until seven, expelled from school; became quite possibly the best-known mathematical genius in the world
  • Henry Ford: Couldn't read, couldn't write, failed in business five times; invented the Model T Ford and made popular the assembly line
  • R. H. Macy: Failed in business seven times; founded Macy's
  • Babe Ruth: Struck out 1,330 times; held a record of 714 home runs
  • Lucille Ball: Told by her drama school's head instructor to "Try any other profession"; became the title actress of the television show I Love Lucy
  • The Beatles: Rejected by two recording companies; became a famous band
  • Beethoven: Called hopeless by his teacher and went deaf; composed great symphonies still loved today
  • Van Gogh: Sold one painting for $50 to his sister's friend - in his entire life; painted 800 works now considered masterpieces
  • Dr. Suess: First book rejected 27 times; became one of America's most famous children's authors (also has his own holiday)
  • Jack London: Rejected 600 - yes, six hundred! - times before first publication; famous author
And my personal favorite: Walt Disney was fired by the editor of the newspaper he worked at for - no joke - lack of imagination.  "If you can dream it, you can do it." ~ Walt Disney

Still feeling down on your dreams, like I was?  I found this to be a great article:

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