DIY Party Diva: Boys' Piñata Party {Activities}

Boys' Piñata Party
Theme: Piñatas and candy; Guest list: Boys, ages 6-10

Scavenger Hunt

I don't have any photos of this activity, but basically any scavenger hunt will work.  For my brother's birthday, all his guests were his Sunday School classmates, so I wrote down names of Bible characters.  The boys had to figure out what object or place would go with that character and then their next name would be hidden there.  For example, a paper reading "Mary, Mother of Jesus" led to a baby doll, while "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego" led to the oven.  (Our version of a 'fiery furnace.'  A fireplace would work, too.)

I don't know how to make a free printable, or I'd share my scavenger hunt here.  Sorry!  So, if you'd like the Bible characters scavenger hunt, email me!  I'd be glad to send it to you. :)

At the end of the scavenger hunt, instead of a prize, we had a...

Punch Box!

What you'll need: A big cardboard box, template for circles (I used an old butter lid), pencil, pocket or X-Acto knife, spray paint, colored tissue paper, packing tape, strong scissors, permanent markers, small prizes

What to do: First, cut off one side of the box - preferably the bottom - and save the flaps.  On the opposite side, use the template and pencil to draw as many circles as you have party guests.  Then use the knife to cut out these circles.  Spray paint the entire outside of the box and let dry overnight.  (Make sure to do painting and drying outside or in a very well-ventilated area.)

Now, cut squares of tissue paper - you'll want a few layers - for each hole, and tape in place inside the box.

Then, cut slits in the flaps you saved from the cut-out side and slide them together to create shelves, like in the photo below.  Tape in place.

Now, write on and/or decorate the front of the box.  It's ready to be filled with prizes and set up!  I placed a candy bar on each shelf and set some smaller candies leftover from last week's piñatas on top.

Human Board Game

This was a specific request from the birthday boy.  We played it at a board-game themed party for his older brother and it was a huge hit.

What you'll need: Plain paper, colored paper or cardstock, markers, masking tape, cardboard box (medium to small), duct tape, black permanent marker, large playing space

What to do:  Write all sorts of creative activities on the colored papers - both board game related and just stuff you have to do.  As you can see from the photos, "Switch Places With Any Player" and "Move Forward Three Spaces" were two board-game activities I used.  Examples of just plain fun stuff I used are "Sing 'I'm a Little Teapot' With the Actions" or "Hop On One Foot For Your Next Turn."  All my spaces included doodles as well - makes it more fun. ;)

 To make the die, tape your cardboard box shut and then cover it with the duct tape, all six sides.  (Sorry, no photo.)  Then use the permanent marker (and real dice for reference if needed) to make the dots.  Everyone loves the giant die!

When you're ready to set up the game, recruit some helpers and tape the fun colored squares down with two to four plain papers in between.  Our 'board' started in the driveway and twisted into the parking lot.  This was probably one of the kids' favorite parts of the party.  It's always a hit!

Guessing Jar

What you'll need: Glass jar, decoration (I used rainbow pom-poms), hot glue gun, small candies (I used Skittles), slips of paper and writing utensils for all guests

What to do: Decorate the jar's lid - I hot glued my pom poms on.  Count out your candies (the most involved part, bleh) before filling the jar.  All done!  Probably the easiest activity here in terms of preparation.

We used this when we were transitioning from games to food.  Just set out the jar (ours doubled as decoration - score!) and let the kids pass it around, get a good look.  Then everyone wrote down their guesses and turned them in to me.  The closest guess takes home the whole jar!

Tune in next week for food and favors!


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