DIY Party Diva: Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Party {Decor}

Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Party
Theme: Alice in Wonderland; Guest list: Girls, ages 15-18

String of Cards

What you'll need: A deck of cards (I used giant ones my brother had); hole punch; ribbon; scissors; a cell phone

What to do: Figure out a short phrase, word, or message you want to spell out.  (I chose "Happy Birthday".)  Then, use the cell phone to figure out what numbers on the keypad correspond to those letters.  For example, "Happy Birthday" would be 42779 24784329.  Now lay out the matching cards.  Mix up suits and, if you have spaces or punctuation in your message, you can break up words into separate garlands (I did) or use aces, queens, jacks, and/or kings.

Now punch a hole in two corners on a short side of each card.


Weave ribbon through the holes on each card to make the garland, making sure to leave an inch or two of ribbon between cards.  Leaving a good six-inch or so tail on each end, cut the ribbon.  Tie off large loops for hanging on each end.


Cut a medium-length piece of ribbon and tie two cards together.  Continue until all the cards are tied together.  Cut a longer piece of ribbon for each end and tie in large loops to the end cards.

Hang with tacks, nails, Christmas stocking hooks, tape, or whatever else happens to be convenient.

Sideways Directions

No photo, sorry!  You can see one of my signs in the photo above, though.

What you'll need: Colored paper, markers, scissors

What to do: Cut and/or tear colored paper into large pieces.  Write direction words (up, down, left right, this way, that way, etc.) on the papers.  Now add arrows - but not in the right directions!  Have fun mixing and matching arrows with words, and don't be afraid to reuse words and/or arrows in new combinations.  Tape along walls around the party area.

The Flower Garden

Again, no photos :( I'm a very bad blogger sometimes.

What you'll need: Medium - large fake flowers (I used colorful Gerber daisies from Hobby Lobby); medium - large googly eyes (I actually used colored ones!); hot glue gun and sticks; strong scissors or shears

What to do:  Cut off any extra stem, leaving a few inches, and remove any leaves (but don't throw them away!  Save them for activities ;] ).  Hot glue googly eyes to the flowers.  Now keep about two flowers per guest aside and use the others to scatter around the party area, propped up on the food table or fireplace mantel.

Tune in next week for party activities - in which we'll actually use both the card garland and the flowers!


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