WILDS Summer Camp and Narnia Fanfiction

Happy Tuesday morning, my lovely readers!  As you read this I'm off having adventures at the WILDS Christian summer camp in the absolutely beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  You should definitely stop by the website and check it out.  One of the best ways you can spend your summer, trust me. ;)

Anyway, another thing I've been doing lately is writing a Narnia fanfiction.  As some of you know, I've fiddled around with fanfiction before but not much.  With this piece I'm jumping right in to the fanfiction world - writing for one of the biggest fandoms and writing a piece longer than a oneshot!

For those of you interested, you can read the first installment (it's short) or stop by my profile.  I'm working with Susan The Gentle on a YouTube trailer which, due to her amazing Suspian (Susan/Caspian) video skills, will hopefully be amazing.  I also created a YouTube playlist for music that goes with this piece.

And, while some pins probably won't make sense until future installments, I've been working on a Pinterest board too!


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