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Hello, my lovely readers!  I am so excited to share a new project that I'm undertaking with you.  Many of you know I'm part of a teen writers' group called Go Teen Writers.  Recently, I met a high school graduate named Kira in that group.  We got to talking about how eventually all the teens in GTW will no longer be teens, and will be crowding out all the younger people coming to us.  So we decided to start a group for those in GTW ready to move on into adulthood!  Since this was my brainchild, I am an honorary member and very honored to also be an administrator.

What are we?
Young Adult Writers - Alumni is largely composed of members of Go Teen Writers who have graduated High-school and have moved into legal "adulthood".  Note: YAWA is not officially affiliated with or approved by GTW.

Who are we?
The YAWA Facebook group is open to anyone who has graduated high school and who loves to write! We are writers! And we write because that is who we are!

Where are we?
You can find the YAWA members on either the blog or the Facebook group (see above links).

What do we do?
YAWA is a blog/group for other writers of young adult literature or for young adult writers. We provide insights into the minds of published YA authors, writing tips from those who have been writing for most of their lives, guest posts, fun, contests, writing prompts, and friendship!

Who are our administrators?
Our current admins are Kira Hellweg, Emily Rachelle, Brian McBride, Carilyn Anne, and Sam Graber!

About our administrators:

Kira Hellweg is a recent graduate with a passion for music, Jesus Christ, and (oh, yeah) writing. She is the unpublished author of The Legend of Harthore, which is currently in the editorial stage. Her blog, Legend or Legacy, is currently focused on the above's imminent trilogy, but is sure to be invaded by her other WIPs and general writing tidbits.

Sam Graber is a homeschool graduate and avid reader and writer. He is a college student, and enjoys both playing and arranging music. Sam recently begun a novel titled Korina of Two Worlds, which he hopes to make his first published novel. You can find his author page on Facebook.

Brian McBride is a published author of a YA fantasy novel, Paradox, and is a frequent blogger at Shattering the Darkness. He is a musician, an artist, and loves photography.

And Carilyn Anne is coming soon!


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