Product Review: Photo Canvas

I've heard of those companies that let you order just about anything with your photo on it - mugs, coasters, bookmarks, CDs, blankets, you name it.  My family has ordered professional photo prints and those little photo books before.  Photos on canvas are one of those things I'd seen before but never tried myself.


Easy Canvas Prints offered me a free canvas if I would do a review and giveaway.  My lovely readers, you know by now that freebies are one thing I just can't resist.  Plus - my senior photos were just taken!  So I have plenty of awesome, high-quality photos to choose from!

There were a lot of photos I wanted to use, but most of them were vertical, and the free canvas offer seemed to work only with horizontal photos.  (If there's a way to flip the canvas over when you order, I never figured out what that was.)  Still, I love the photo I ended up using.  It's actually not technically a senior photo, but one of just me that the same photographer snapped during family photos with my mom's side of the family.

When the canvas came, these were my initial thoughts:

-well packaged, if a little beat up (mailing service's fault, though, not Easy Canvas Prints's)
-smells odd, like melted crayons, when you take it out of the plastic covering (smell fades after a couple hours - I think maybe it's the ink or something?)
-it's a little smaller than I thought... but then I never actually considered what size 8"x10" actually is, so that's just me being dumb

Features of my canvas:

-has the date of order, the dimensions, and the Easy Canvas Prints logo on the back
-strong metal clamp in place for hanging
-my specific choices during ordering:
-8"x10" canvas size (they have I think one smaller size and then quite a few larger ones, and you can choose to buy multiple canvases in different sizes to hang together or something like that)
-.75" wrap
-mirror image wrap (because the one that stretches the image over the wrap cut off my head, and solid color wrap didn't look right)
-full color, no effects (I'm just not a fan of black and white or sepia or that sort of thing)

The colors are bright and vibrant; the image looks exactly the way the original digital image looks on the computer.  It's not blurry or faded.  Also, I got a few tiny drops of water on the canvas on accident, but it didn't smudge, smear, or bleed through the ink, which is nice.  Not that I recommend testing that yourself!

(This is where the photo of the actual canvas would go... if I hadn't lost my phone the day before writing this post.  For shame, Emily!)

I'm not sure where I want to hang it yet, but it's really very nice.  Easy to order, beautiful and high quality - really the only downside was having to pick just one photo!

Now it's your turn!  One lucky winner will receive the same style and size of photo canvas I did.  Good luck!

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Oh, one last thing - Easy Canvas Prints wanted me to mention that they also have two other personalized product sites.  If they're anything like the canvas service, they must be pretty nice!

signs and banners

custom shirts

Easy Canvas Prints provided me with one free 8"x10" horizontal canvas in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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