The Pixie Posts: My Pros and Cons

 {Corresponding lists written before I got the cut; notes in italics are edits from after I actually lived with the haircut for a couple of days.}


  1. Less style time and effort
  2. Less heat on the neck
  3. Doesn’t weigh me down
  4. Dries a lot (LOT) faster, therefore not as cold for the first half of the winter day {okay so I ended up having to blowdry every day to keep my naturally-super-straight from going all flat and zero-volume on me...}
  5. Can use more barrettes and little clips
  6. Can use scarves! {and the momma got me an adorable one for the Big Day ^.^ }
  7. Can also use more hats
  8. Very fun and daring step
  9. Hair won’t be ruined by the weather
  10. Will make my Look more stylish and bold
  11. Shows off the face more
  12. Goes well with natural/unwaxed brows {seriously I looove the way my eyebrows look just under the bang tips}
  13. Grows insanely fast (in case I don’t like it)
  14. Um. I already do that anyway. Duh. {and less conditioning required! I used to use it to prevent mega tangles; now I just use it occasionally to combat heat damage}
  15. If my haircut dictates a guy’s interest, I’m not interested. {but everyone loves it anyway :) }
  16. But they’ve okay-ed it, and it’ll grow back
  17. Good for bold hair colors, like red {my hair looks less red and more just... fun... I don't really know what this color would be... auburn? no it's lighter than that... caramel? yeah I'll go with strawberry... caramel... or something}
  18. Grabs attention and makes a statement
  19. Short hair shows off the healthier roots rather than damaged ends
  20. ...Well, it can always grow back. {to be re-cut and donated, naturally}
  21. From our limited knowledge of face shapes, a pixie is right for this face shape {I was right! win!}
  22. ...They’ll grow out too...
  23. It gives me a good reason to work on my budding knowledge and experience with makeup. Plus, with less hair-styling time, I’ll have the time to do said makeup on weekdays.
  24. Who wants to hide? {yes I am an adorable kickbutt ex-nun-turned-fairy!}
  25. It’s a good thing my style has recently taken a specific form, then.
  26. They also judge teenagers, Christians, homeschoolers, military folks, opinionated people, authors, missionaries, and a whole lotta other people. Get over it.
  27. There’s also a lot of beauty and allure in a strong personality, confidence, one’s eyes and facial expression, one’s neck and shoulders... should I continue? {so. much. truth.}
  28. Earrings and necklaces are really shown off and visible
  29. People don’t play with or do my hair very much anyway, and half of those that do are kids who get toy wrenches or hairbrushes stuck in my hair

  1. Fewer style choices {although I've discovered great new products, whereas previously products in general were kind of not-my-thing}
  2. Could be cold in winter {but not with scarves! which I apparently never knew I love, because I never actually used them before}
  3. Could feel kind of naked/exposed {try elegant and classy!}
  4. ...Okay, got me there. {Mwahaha HEAT DAMAGE blargh}
  5. Can’t do curling, braiding, hair ties, etc. {so far, don't miss it. I get to ruffle and fluff and run my hands through my hair!}
  6. Don’t own or know how to use scarves... {sooo much easier than I expected and ohmyword all the adorable options!}
  7. ...Oh.
  8. Possibly very dangerous and risky step
  9. ...I got nothing.
  10. Will make my Look less girly/soft/sweet { yeah nope just gotta know how to work it right}
  11. Makes blemishes/imperfections more noticeable {what blemishes? all I see are my awesome FRECKLES :D }
  12. ...Got nothing for that one either.
  13. Grows insanely fast (if I do want to stick with it)
  14. Have to wash it every day or every other day {TRUTH}
  15. Guys generally prefer long hair {but I don't!}
  16. Parents definitely won’t like it {also truth}
  17. I think they mean more like fake, Crayola-style bold colors
  18. I don’t want to make the wrong statement... {it's actually very easy to still look soft and feminine - a lot easier than I expected}
  19. ...This is not going well for me. {haha nope!}
  20. Bad hair days or no wash days can’t be hidden by buns/ponytails or even clippies
  21. But we’re only like 50% sure here, based off a few things online, a couple friends, and one hairdresser.
  22. If there are any cowlicks hiding, this is when they’ll decide to show up {looks like I'm still the lucky child in the family. no cowlicks present}
  23. Without makeup, a pixie definitely looks masculine. {lie! lie lie lie! just looks older/more mature, but not in a bad way either}
  24. There’s nothing to hide behind - whether we’re talking face, body, shape, weight, personality, whatever - with a pixie.
  25. It doesn’t look right with a confused or undefined style
  26. People judge pixies.
  27. There’s a lot of beauty and allure in long hair
  28. My bigger jewelry might look too big or clunky {haven't tried this yet... will probably find out about that soon}
  29. People can’t play with or do my hair {first: they still can, like, touch it and stuff. not like I'm bald or anything. second: I really don't mind not having people fingering my hair. it's kind of nice sometimes to have that not be an option}


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