Guest Post: From Cassia's Camera

From Cassia's Camera
by Cassia Schaar

Hey there! I'm Cassia, I'm a high school student from Canada and I've been doing photography for about three years now.

To be perfectly honest, getting into photography was a fluke. I signed up for a class that was supposed to be for film but I was mistaken. I hated it at first but pushed through it, not wanting to be a quitter. At the end of the class, I won an award for 'best female photographer' and thought that maybe I was ignoring a gift God had given me.

So I took it up. The below photos are a result.

This one is from my first paid job. Candid shots with kids are nothing like the studio set ups with fake smiles. Photos like these capture the essence of the child, and that's why I love them!

Sometimes to get good pictures, I actually have to go looking for them. I'm not one of those people who can just see something and imagine it in a frame, all edited and pretty. This one, I got because I knew I wanted something with a lot of texture in it. The minute I saw the pile of wood, I knew I found the perfect subject. If I hadn't gone into my shoot with this mentality, I wouldn't have gotten the shot I did.

Creepy old buildings have never ceased to fascinate me. I drove past this one everyday on the way to school for three years. One day, I got fed up with dealing with curiosity and just went to explore it, taking my trusty camera with me.

Sometimes though, pictures do just come to me at the weirdest moments. Sometimes the best ones aren't planned. I was actually doing a different shoot when I took this one and my necklace kept getting in the way. I took it off and set it down beside me. Laying on my stomach, I looked over at it and was like, "This is an amazing shot!"


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