One Word 365: 2014

It's that time again, my lovely readers. Time to pack up the tree and toss out the wrapping paper. Time to find homes for all those Christmas presents. Time to get ready for New Year's Eve!

Along with a new year comes new year resolutions. After a whole year of honing in on just one little word, dream, I've decided to keep up OneWord365 as a tradition. So for this year, my one word will be...

What to Do With Your One Word
Originally posted December 30, 2012

Claim your word - with free blog buttons made by Melanie, personalized with your word to match your blog design (the images above? those are buttons she made for me!).  You  can also share your word on, and link up a post about it on Melanie's blog here.

Wear your word - on personalized jewelry from Etsy!  You might know of an Etsy shop that makes personalized, hand-stamped jewelry.  If not, here are a few I've found: Tiny Tokens DesignsBee Baubles JewelryWSayle Silver and Stone.  I think this particular necklace would be perfect: personalized mini tag necklace.

Write your word - with ink, pencil, crayons, paint, markers, tape, in dust, in sand, in dirt, in the steam on your mirror, on your computer, on a typewriter, on a wipe board, with magazine letters, with newspaper cutouts, in a letter to your future self, in letters to friends and family, and any other way you come up with.

Find your word - on billboards, in television ads, in a magazine, in a newspaper, in books, in movies, in daily conversations, at work, at home, at school, in brand names.  Just keep your eyes and ears open; you'll find it.

Journal your word - why did you choose this word?  What do you want to get from this year?  How do you want to change, to grow, to learn?  Activities, overheard conversations, realizations and lessons, magazine and newspaper clip outs, Pinterest images - it can all go in the journal.  A blog or other online journal works just as well.  If you're not a blogger but you want to share your word with others, email me at newyorksnowflake @  I'll be considering OneWord365 guest posts throughout the year, although I don't promise anything.

Share your word - let those around you know about your word.  Have them join you in the journey.  They can each choose their own words, and you can all stay on the lookout for the words in daily life.  When they hear your word in a song, they will share that song with you.  When you find their word in a magazine article, you can clip the article and mail it to them.  And on it goes!  Even if they don't join you, they can still help you with your journey this year.

Post your word - around your house.  Use post-its, bulletin boards, dry erase boards, computer backgrounds, refrigerator magnets, and anything else you can find to display your word and keep it in the forefront of your mind.

Quote your word - maybe you sit down one day and find a few random quotes on the internet, or maybe you keep a one word quotes journal through the whole year.  Regardless, seek out the inspiration that others have found through this word and take hold of it yourself.

Study your word - find book(s) and/or blog(s) that talk about or focus on your word.  Set out to learn as much as you can about your word.  Look into its origin, etymology, uses, synonyms, and antonyms.  Find out how this word has changed, grown, or taught others.  Learn what it means to other cultures.  Memorize it in as many languages as possible.

Create your word - write, paint, draw, photograph, collage, compose.  Take advantage of the freedom in art, whether or not you're a creative person, to capture your word and what it means to you.  You know that wall art where photographers write a name with images of things that resemble letters?  Make one - or several! - that spell out your word.  Have fun with it!  Another idea can be to write your word - on an index card, in the dust and dirt on your car, on a handmade banner or shirt, etc. - and then take a picture of you with your word.  Do this with friends or family and their words.  Just be creative!



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