Keep Moving Forward

Today, it's just me, lovely readers. I'd like to discuss several upcoming changes in 2014. I couldn't for the life of me come up with a unique title, so I figured movie quotes are always a safe bet! (To those of you wondering, it's the tag line from Meet the Robinsons.)

My shiny new Facebook cover banner!

First order of business: Sixteen's big day is rapidly approaching! Woohoo! I can't wait to get this book out into the world. I know most books undergo severe change before release to the world, but honestly, it feels like this final version of Sixteen isn't even the same book I still have saved from first-draft-days. Even beta readers will be surprised to find no less than three whole new scenes. I love this book-baby of mine, and I can't wait to introduce you all!

Second matter to discuss: To celebrate my debut, sixteen wonderful blogger-friends will be hosting me on a tour! I've hosted plenty of tours, interviews, and guest posts. This will be my first time in the spotlight. To be honest, it's a bizarre feeling. But the tour shall be grand! And glorious! And include one mega giveaway right here! Details to come :) Other than the kick-off and giveaway, there will be no posts here on my blog during the tour - instead, come with me to check out my lovely writer-friends' homes in cyberspace.

Third: I will be a proper adult in two days. Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

Yes. I really did just use my first GIF. The Notebook Sisters are rubbing off on me.

Fourth: Because we're wrapping up our third annual blog party this week, and because I really want to enjoy my big adult birthday, and because I have a mega first-time tour coming up on Saturday, there will be no more posts between this and the tour kick-off. Sorry to disappoint anyone hoping for the two more expected posts. I'm a human being who's already behind in blog matters. I need time for tour/book prep. And, of course, sleep. Sleep's important.

Last but not least and quite lugubrious: This blog party was the least organized and most hectic yet. Without boring you with all the details, I'm sad to say, this will be our final annual blog party. I hope to continue participating in tours for future books, and of course we'll have guest posts, interviews, and giveaways at other times. But I'd like to have my blogging fun a bit more spread out, and have time to focus (my 2014 word) on other things - such as work, my books, school studies, and other non-cyber demands.

So until tour kick-off, bye guys!

This might become a thing... seriously, GIFS are awesome. What took me so long?
P.S. This girl is totally Nikki. No joke. I feel like I'm staring at a ghost.


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