Monday, June 9, 2014

Nope, Still Not Dead

The past near-month of internet silence in GIFs, because I hardly use them but actually really love them:





Graduation (My Parents).

Graduation (My Friends).

Graduation (My Church).

Graduation (Me).

More School.

Oh yeah, don't forget a lot of The Fault In Our Stars movie-hype YouTube videos.

Aaaand... more school.

I decided not to go on that missions trip... I just opened an Etsy shop for my necklaces.

Then I had one week left to finish one Literature test, two Chemistry tests, several Chemistry assignments, two Literature essays, and a Grand Research Paper. I could do this. Totally.

Except then the Friday night before the bus left on Monday morning, Mom said the church had a camp scholarship for me and I should totally go I mean we can work out your job and get all that junk done right totally we can.

The reaction she probably wanted/expected:

The reaction she got:

Soooooo then a crazy weekend in which I packed, finished all the Chemistry and all the Literature and sadly only 1/4 the Grand Paper...

...followed by a week of camp, which was basically:


And then I got sick halfway through camp. And came home sick and half-dead with sleep deprivation.

Oh yeah, did I mention I still had 3/4 of the Grand Paper left to write?

So I will be slaving over a paper, trying not to break things/hurt people at work in my state of klutziness, and recovering from whatever-this-camp-junk-is.

Until next time I blog.

Until the day I finally turn in the paper and am actually, officially done with school.



  1. Sounds like a crazy month. That work GIF is amazing. :)

  2. Sleep. Supposedly it is important. I have my doubts. Of course, if it is, you can always just sleep for a week when everything is over.

    1. I think I may finally have caught up on sleep... is there even such a thing as caught up on sleep? o.O

  3. Hilarious GIFs! I especially like the graduation ones!


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