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Well, I have bad news and I have good news.

The bad news is, only two people (only two?!) entered my review contest. Sad face. (Note to self: back to school is probably the number one worst time to host a contest.)

The good news is, this means I'm extending the deadline! The contest will now be open until either we have a minimum of sixteen reviews (you know, title = book happy number... or something) or midnight September 30, whichever comes first. If we reach the sixteen-reviews mark, the winners will be chosen and awarded as originally planned. If we do not, the contest will be called off. (Oh noes! Please don't make me do that!)

As a thank-you to the two lovely ladies who actually did enter, I'll be sending them a little surprise after the contest ends regardless of how this goes down.

To see the original contest rules (all of which still apply, except the deadline) check out this post:

And tell your friends! Just so you know, my book is only $1 on Kindle (cheaper than a cup of coffee!) and it takes around an hour to read the whole thing. I don't usually push my book on people, but apparently most of my classmates thought it was a couple hundred pages, so... really, it's not that much a commitment here to win lots of cool free stuff.


  1. Oh no! I wish I would have known this before I rushed to read the book and get the review done. :( Oh well. I look forward to the surprise and hope you get lots of new reviews!

    1. Sorry about that, Heather :( Things with the contest just didn't work out quite the way I wanted... Guess back-to-school season is just a general bad time for promotions.


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