Giveaway! Books! Yay!

Okay, technically it should say "Giveaway! Book! Yay!" because there's only one winner in this giveaway. But books plural sounded better, y'know?

Anyway, my lovely readers, because I love you, from the goodness of my heart, I am running a giveaway! One lucky reader (or possibly non-blog-reader, since this is on GoodReads... but if they enter a book giveaway, then they're still a reader! just not here.) will win a paperback copy of Sixteen! *happy skip*

The giveaway started on Wednesday (October 1, when we had Grammarly over to show off how women are better writers than men) and ends on Tuesday (October 7... a random date of no real importance? I mean my dorm is having a themed open house but other than that...).

I really don't have anything else to say. I just felt like doing something fun, and who would ever deny that giveaways are fun?! Especially one as easy as this! So go check it out and maybe win my book :D


  1. Ooh, this is awesome and epic! I'm off to enter. ^-^


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