Focus: A Word Study

So apparently a few readers of last week's post misunderstood what I was saying. And I can understand that; I was purposefully vague, but maybe a little too vague. Just know that, if you were reading that post and believed it was about you, it probably wasn't. If you were reading it and thought it was about my parents, it definitely wasn't. Now, on to today's post!

I've decided to dedicate this month's blogging to the OneWord365: Focus 2014 theme. Today we have a word study, similar to what I did last year with Dream 2013. Next week, come back to hear my fellow students' take on "Focus." Enjoy, my lovely readers!

     1. a point in an optical system to which something converges or from which it appears to diverge
     2. (a) focal length (b) the distinctness or clarity with which an optical system renders an image
         (c) adjustment for distinctness or clarity
     3.  a center of interest or activity
     1. (a) to produce a clear image of (e.g, photographed material)
         (b) to adjust (a lens) to produce a clear image
     2. to concentrate: direct
     3. to converge at a point of focus

My Thoughts:

  • Just as the focus in an optical system is the point from which everything originates, your focus in daily life is what your thoughts will stem from.
  • Focus is necessary for a clear image in photography and other image-based arts; focus is also necessary in life to keep clear your purpose and motives for everything you do or decide.
  • Focus is where thoughts begin, but it's also what they circle back around to. Your focus -- be it on a single word for the year, a task for the hour, or a devotional theme for the month -- is the center of your thoughts and actions.
  • Therefore, if your thoughts, actions, or decisions aren't where you want them to be, trace them back to your focus. Perhaps your goals need rethinking, or you may just need to reconsider your priorities and make sure your life is accurately reflecting your values.
Definition taken from Webster's II New Riverside Desk Dictionary, Home and Office Edition, from Houghton Mifflin Company, 1988.


  1. This is a fascinating idea—but I like how you trace back your examples to be something bigger. Thanks for giving me something to think about this morning.


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