Sames: Poem for Valentine's Day

I don't normally post outside Wednesdays, but I used to, and since St. Valentine's Day fell on a weekend and I just announced my new poetry book coming out, I thought it'd be fun to share a love poem from that book for the holiday. I hope you enjoy!


People say that
Opposites attract.
You hear it,
Over and over again,
From old and young
From those who have been in love
And those who haven't.

I think that's probably
The wrongest thing about love
I've ever heard.

Opposites don't attract.
Or, if they do, they don't last.
Opposites don't have anything to talk about,
Not when they realize that the moment
Of "oh! you like that too?" never comes.
Opposites have nothing to share,
Not when one likes sports and one likes science
And neither cares for going to the movies.
Opposites have no common ground, no shared interests,
No shared beliefs, and therefore,
No shared emotions.
They might have chemistry, passion, physical attraction
But it flares and burns brightly for a moment before
Sparking out
Like the flint-spark of a lighter with no fluid in it.

It is those who are the same, who fall in love.
Those whose souls are made of the same stuff,
As my dear friend Jane once said,
Who know each other's flaws perfectly
Because they harbor identical cracks and misgivings
But love the other person wholly and entirely anyway
Because they know the why behind the darkness
And they hope to be loved in spite of it, too.

It is those who are the same, who fall in love.


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