Announcing: The Summer of Books!

Hello, my lovely readers!

This year has been an unusual one for the blog. I've been a bit hit-and-miss, I've talked more about life updates and college than actual blogging, and I haven't really been able to interact with you.

This year has also been unusual for me. I started college, loved college, had to withdraw from college for health purposes. I tried various medications. I wrote papers in twenty minutes I didn't care about and papers over the course of weeks I refuse to ever throw away. I went from so-busy-I-can-barely-finished-my-assigned-reading to so-bored-I'm-tired-of-reading and back.

And, in the process, my TBR pile, my writing, and my blog have gone sorely neglected.

That changes now!

Starting next week, I will be commencing a three-month project called the Summer of Books! (Aka SOB) Every Wednesday and Saturday, I will post an update on the SOB. These posts will include...
  • a mini-review of a book from that week
  • an update on my TBR progress
  • notes on my progress in my upcoming novel, World of Shadows
  • photos of glorious books
  • probably gifs
Giveaways, book discussions, and/or writing excerpts may also be added for special occasions.

To give you an idea of the massive project this will be, this is my current, very literal, TBR pile:

the overhead

the close-up

Plus, at the very least, ten ebooks, and the six books stacked on my nightstand. For a grand total of 97 books -- a number which, let's face it, I will probably add to as I'm trying to shave it down this summer. I'm hopeless in a bookstore.

So: let the reading commence!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of books! I look forward to seeing your progress!


    1. Statistically and realistically, there's no way I'll actually finish all of them. BUT that doesn't mean I won't try anyway!


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