SOB Update #1

Summer of Books: Week 0.5

Let's do this thing!

Reading Progress

Recently finished: The Sound of Diamonds by Rachelle Rea (on-tour review coming June 13!)
Currently reading: The Professor by Charlotte Bronte, Paradox by Brian McBride
Next up: The Story of My Life by Helen Keller

TBR: 99
Read So Far (RSF): 1
Library books checked out this week: 3
Library books read: 0
Library books returned: 0


Since I've only finished The Sound of Diamonds and am planning a full review later this month, there won't be any mini-review today. Come again for the first on Saturday!

Writing Progress

My goal right now is editing World of Shadows so I can make it through the steps of critique partners, editing, and proofreading on schedule. After a long May of fabulous procrastinating, I finished working on the first chapter this week! To peak your interest and display my progress, I've decided to share a little bit each update of what I've worked on. Hence, an excerpt:

I'm running, tripping, clawing at the trees around me to climb back up, losing my grip on the slippery moss. My breath rips out of my chest and throat, grasping oxygen desperately. I never look behind me - I'm not running away, I'm running towards. Towards what I don't know; I pray that it's home. 
A tree root catches my foot and I tumble down. My body flings arms over legs over feet as I fail to protect myself from the roots and twigs that tear my skin. The scant moonlight disappears as the sticks do, and suddenly I'm rolling over cold, hard dirt with no light whatsoever and no idea where I am. 
I collide with a cool dirt surface. Light like that from a fire or candles reflects off the dirt around me, causing it to look reddish and alive. Slowly I push myself off the floor and look around me. I'm alone in a tiny dirt room that looks like a hollow cube, with nothing on each wall but a single tree-branch torch. In front of me a low-ceilinged dirt tunnel stretches out, with similar torches hanging at intervals. I crane my neck to see another dirt tunnel above me, the one I fell through, lacking torches, and curving so that the other end is blocked from sight. 
I feel a hand, calloused and firm, grab my arm and whirl to view my captor - but I'm still alone.

What do you think? Sound like your kind of book? :D I have big plans for this little story this year, just you wait and see...

 That wraps things up for Week 0.5! See you Saturday!


  1. Oooh, your story sounds so intriguing!



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