My Thoughts on Orlando

Shortly after the Orlando shooting, I published my Christian Closet post to conclude the series. I said then that I would speak more on Orlando when I could gather my thoughts. As the new president of my school's sexuality and gender discussion group, I decided to share those thoughts through the group's website. For those of you interested in reading, the link is below.

"It’s been 36 days since the shooting. Not even one day for each life lost, and yet our country has largely moved on. Terrorist attacks in Iraq and France, political news across the States and new racially-charged deaths in the south have replaced the victims of Orlando in Facebook conversations and Twitter debates.
With so much violence heaped upon violence, hate built on hate, how is anyone capable of grieving and remembering every life lost? How is one Christian overwhelmed by the bloodshed to respond?"
Read more on the website.


  1. I'm super late to reading this, but I liked it, and I'm glad you're continuing to remember tragedy when so many others have moved on. The LGBTQ+ community deserves better.


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