World of Shadows: Launch Day! Party Time!

Good afternoon, my lovely readers! Today is the day! The moment is here. Are you ready?

In this urban fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast, modern-day teenager Beila Durand is plagued by nightmares that lead her to discover - and wind up trapped in - a cursed underground world. The invisible people that live in this medieval village depend on Beila learning the truth behind their curse - and why she is the only one who can set them free.

In her quest for answers, however, all she seems to find are more questions. Where do the echoing screeching at night originate? Who is the isolated man that speaks with Beila from the shadows of his cloak? What does this New York girl have to do with any of it? And will she ever find a way back home?

It's time to blog party! Here's our lineup:

Dec. 11 - Kick-Off - You're here!
Dec. 12 - What's in a Dream - Zara Hoffman
Dec. 13 - Fan Trailer - Hope Through the Pages
Dec. 14 - Interview - Hope Through the Pages
Dec. 15 - Review - Singing Menno
Dec. 16 - Excerpt - Marvelous Happy Things
Dec. 17 - Finding Me in a World of Shadows - Verbosity Reviews
Dec. 18 - Dream Casting - Pens and Scrolls
Dec. 19 - Excerpt - Storylight
Dec. 20 - Playlist - Singing Menno
Dec. 21 - Life in the Tunnels - Storylight
Dec. 22 - Review - Pens and Scrolls
Dec. 23 - Come back and join me for a wrap-up session!

Giveaway time!

  Parties just aren't the same without presents, so of course I brought some to share!

  I hope you all have as much fun as I do!


  1. OMG SUCH A PRETTY COVER. This sounds amazing!!! Congratulations on getting this published :) It sounds really good!

  2. I've been thinking this book looks fascinating for awhile. Exciting that it's almost out!


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