When Words Won't Work

What do you do when the words won't work?

What do you do when
The thoughts in your brain
Poured onto screen
Look more like porridge than paint?
When a blinking black bar on a glaring white screen
Has been running so long
Your battery dies?
When you sit down two
And three and ten times
With pen and paper,
Tracing lines in the air with your pen
Until you give up and close the notebook
On the still-blank page?

What do you do when the words won't work?
When the thoughts in your heart pour into
Impassioned eloquent elegies
Not fit for anyone to see?
When you know exactly what to say
But know the audience won't hear?
When all the words in your world put together
In any personal matter
Could lose you the opportunities
You need?

What do you do with opinions too political?

What do you do with a platform too public?

What do you do with a voice that reverberates too loud?

What do you do when the words you want to write... just won't work?

I know I need an answer,
An emphatic ending, a concise conclusion.
I don't have one. I can't find one.
My words won't work for me.


  1. When words won't work... just forget the words and write what you are feeling. Deep, down inside. Pour those feelings onto the page. :D


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