The Chemist Dream Cast

Anyone who's a book worm (or book blogger!) will tell you, there are some books that just seem meant for movies. Maybe because they're just so good that you're dying to see them in another medium. Maybe because the description is so vivid, you can picture it all in your head as if you were watching it firsthand. Or maybe because the plot and action just feel designed for the mechanics of a movie.

An example of that last case, for me, was The Chemist. It's a new-ish book, a thriller published in 2016 or 2017 (I'm not sure), which I read as an audiobook during the fall 2017 semester. It has mixed reviews, which I'd say are partly earned. I had mixed feelings, but I'm sure some people hated it just because of who wrote it (which is why I'm not saying who that is. Ha!)

While listening to the story, I kept thinking that I liked it — but I'd like it better as a movie. (Turns out, the rights have actually been sold to make a TV movie.) With a deep desire to procrastinate actual homework and an itch to practice my graphic design skills, I decided to dream up the movie as it would exist if I made it.

Next week, I'll show you the posters and promotional images I made. But first, I had to choose a cast!

Note: will contain some spoilers. Technically, pretty big spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Daniel Beach

Though it takes a while for this simple schoolteacher and our protagonist to meet, the plot really picks up when they do. A massive misunderstanding leads to a series of strange and fascinating events, including romance, fight scenes, political scheming... it's a convoluted story, but it's fun.

Anyway, in my mind, our dreamy sweetheart romantic lead would be played by Shawn Ashmore. Doesn't he look like the perfect unassuming yet attractive softie?

Kevin Beach

A case of mistaken identity brings not one but two Beach men into the Chemist's life. Kevin Beach is as different from his twin brother as can be; he's dark, he's dangerous, he's filled with hatred toward the deadly protagonist whom he first meets torturing his innocent twin. But Kevin is a fan favorite, with good reason, and worthy of his place in the unlikely trio our leads eventually form.

The deadly man who can win any fight — and his loving, sexy twin — were not easy to cast. I needed two very different characters who looked exactly alike. But in the Ashmore twins, I found the perfect pair. Alongside his brother Shawn, Aaron Ashmore will play Kevin.

Lowell Carston

The Chemist's former boss is difficult to read and impossible to trust, but suave and charismatic all the same. Part of his danger lies in his charm, and his important personality features include distinctive blond hair. This man of many hats, in my version, would be played by Simon Baker.


This was by far the easiest decision in the process. Val enters the story late in the plot, but I loved her instantly. Actually, I think the protagonist's first meeting with her was when I decided to do a dream cast and movie posters. She just reminded me so much of the actress I envisioned playing her. For Val, nobody else will do. She simply must be Yvonne Strahovski.

Finally, the protagonist herself, a woman of deadly skill and many names...

The Chemist

Chris. Taylor. Casey. Alex. Whatever name she goes by, Dr. Juliana Fortis is both deadly and very, very afraid. She can turn any household good into a lethal weapon, but her former employers are just as dangerous and determined to silence her for reasons she doesn't understand. When Carston contacts her for "one last job," she emerges ever-so-slightly from the shadows of her hiding places, but of course things are never as they seem. Julie, the Oleander, the Chemist, would be portrayed by...

Ashley Judd

I've seen Ashley Judd in several things, but the most memorable was as the main character's mother in the Divergent series. Just like Alex/Julie/the Chemist, Mrs. Prior was a simple and unimposing feminine figure hiding a complicated, menacing past. Judd is, in my opinion, perfect for the role.

Have you read The Chemist? Who would you cast to play these parts? Is there another book you'd love to see on screen? Let me know in the comments!


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