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Last week, I reviewed a book titled Wake Up, Generation by Paige Omartian.  In that review I mentioned her focus on the reader's finding his or her individual mission in life:

The focus on a personal mission was the best point of the book, I think.  In my mind, my word for 2013 - "dream" - can be used to refer to goals, but it can also be used as another word for vision, passion, mission.  So this book seems to resonate well with my dreams of this year for me!
 Paige also talks about this focus on life missions on her website:


Since I feel like this book and my discovery through it of my mission is closely related to my word for 2013, I decided that today I would share my mission statement and ways I will/I could/I have already live(d) it out.


My Life Mission Statement: My mission is to live out a love of children in order to inspire a value of tomorrow's citizens in society.


How I Already Live It: Volunteering in church nursery; babysitting, both paid and free; donating hair for wigs for cancer kids; donating money for Bibles for students in Fiji; volunteering in kids' church programs; volunteering in vacation Bible schools; working in a week-long camp for kids in Dominica.


Other Ways I Could Live It: Sponsoring a child; donating money to Make-A-Wish; visiting children in the hospital; becoming a teacher.


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  1. Wow, what an awesome mission! I've always thought about being a teacher, but I don't think I could handle it. 0_0 But I am becomming a leader ofr the young'ins at my church camp this summer! SO excited!

  2. Good for you! I am so glad to read your post, to see your pictures and the way you look back at what you've already done and what you could do in the future. God bless and lead you!

  3. Hello kat and highheart! katmadwriter, I've been set on teaching as my future for a while now, actually :)

    highheartedly, thanks!

  4. I love this, Emily! I'm so impressed with your focus and how intentionally you're spending your time!


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