DIY Party Diva: Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday {Activities}

Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Party
Theme: Alice in Wonderland; Guest list: Girls, ages 15-18

As you might see in the photos, one fun thing to do for a crazy party like Alice in Wonderland is to ask guests to come in wacky outfits.  I wore a prom dress with one crazy sock and one silk glove.  My friend Christa wore a t-shirt with a wide zebra belt, fur-lined wrap, and flower hair clip.

Crack the Cards

What you'll need: Last week's string of cards; cell phone(s); pencils or pens; scrap paper; prize (optional; I used a gift-wrapped bottle of scented lotion)

What to do: Give each guest a piece of paper and something to write with.  Make sure all the guests have a cell phone or can share with someone.  Tell them that there is a secret message hidden in the card garland and the first person to crack the code and write down the correct message wins.  Have fun!
Mad Hatter

What you'll need: Pre-made or bought foam top hats (my dad made mine, and I can't understand them well enough to make a tutorial - sorry!); flowers  and leaves from last week; various decorations (foam and/or felt shapes, ribbons, buttons, sequins, etc.); scissors; hot glue guns and sticks

What to do:  Lay out all the materials and give each guest a hat.  Let them go wild decorating!  The crazier your hat, the better.  (This also doubles as a great favor - I still have mine, a year and a half later.)

Pin the Grin on Cheshire Cat

I love this one!  The photo's not the best though, sorry.

You can see the cat on the door on the left, right?

What you'll need: Printout of the Cheshire Cat (I downloaded and edited an image from the movie, then printed it in two halves to make it large enough before cutting it out and taping it together - you can use any image, from either movie or the book illustrations); separate printout of his grin (that matches the size of the cat image - you'll need enough of these for each guest); scissors; tape; blindfold

What to do: Prepare your Cheshire Cat.  I tried to make my image about life-sized.  Tape him up where you plan to play, around shoulder or eye level high.

Cut out all the grins and put double-sided tape or make a tape loop for the back of each grin.

When you're ready to play, give each player a grin.  Blindfold the current player and spin her around however many times you see fit (I think we did five?).  Then point her in the direction of the Cheshire Cat and let her pin her grin!  The grin closest to the cat's mouth wins!

Tune in next week for food and favors!


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